Examples of the rock legends we have doubled billed

An examples of the rock legends We have doubled billed with are the Downliners Sect, they were a massive influence on musicians in the 60's and to this very day not only is Don Craine (from the Downliners Sect) a long standing friend, but he is also a power house of musical information and those that were influenced by the Downliners Sect were such artists as Van Morrison, who said of them "the first British R'n'B band I heard was the Downliners Sect, it was at the Ken Colyer Club, they were it!". David Bowie also said of them, they were his inspiration when he started David Bowie andthe King Bees. Steve Marriott, original singer of the Small Faces wanted to join the band at that time but Don turned him down! Sir Bob Geldof was also his inspiration, infact the list is endless and where we triple billed at the Brighton Centre with the Downliners Sect & Artwood (Ronnie Woods brother) and my own band - This is mentioned because the Downliners Sect had to reschedual their Swedish tour to fit in with the date - what dedication that showed, what a blast that gig was! Were we all ended up back at mine to enjoy a very memorable aftershow party.